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XPro 2 Musings

A few weeks ago, Fujirumors posted a few rumors about the XPro 2. The most exciting one that I heard is the APS-X sensor. Of course, we have no clue what this sensor is. In the comments, there were some speculation what it could be.

I don’t care if it’s a bigger sensor. Who cares if it’s a tiny bit bigger than APSC? It won’t make a difference. But I was excited about the possibility of it being a multi-aspect ratio sensor–as long as they introduce the 3:4 aspect ratio. I mean why not? They should, shouldn’t they?

I shoot mostly fashion. And 3:4 is the accepted aspect ratio for magazines. Well, it’s actually 4:5, but 3:4 comes pretty close. That way, I can crop in camera without having to shoot loose. Shooting loose messes up my composition.

Also having to shoot 16:9 without cropping is awesome too. That would bring some cinematic compositions for certain shots.

So Fuji, if you’re listening, make that X-Pro 2 a multi-aspect sensor. I’ll promise I’ll buy it if you do.

I still use the Fuji 60mm f/2.4

As you know from my last post, I got the 56mm f/1.2 lens. It’s a sweet lens. It looks beautiful, and it takes beautiful photos. I was going to sell my 60mm lens after I got my 56mm lens. Unfortunately my laziness got to me and never got around to selling it.

I’m happy I didn’t. Sure, the  lens sucks.  It has slow AF, and it only goes to f/2.4 But it does do something better than the 56mm: it is a macro lens. Sure, with Fuji’s new macro tubes, it probably makes the 60mm more obsolete. Until Fuji’s 90mm lens comes out, I think I’ll keep the 60mm longer.

I wanted to do some beauty shots, and I found out I couldn’t do tight face shots with the 56mm. It wouldn’t focus that close. So I busted out my 60mm, and I got some pretty good results:



The funny thing is that I didn’t like the tight, macro shots of the face. But I like the option to do so. The 60mm will be my go to lens for beauty photographs. It’s smaller, it can focus closer, and that extra 4mm length does make a difference. I can live with it being slow for now.

The 56mm F/1.2

I’m pretty late to the party, but I got the Fuji 56mm F/1.2. I first used it at Zack Arias’s workshop a few weeks ago. He let me try it, and I loved it.

I clung to my 60mm because I thought it was good enough, but I didn’t realize how much better the AF was with the 56mm. Now the 56mm shares a lot of time with my 35mm on my Fuji X-T1. When I’m outdoors, I use it 90% of the time. I love the perspective of the 56mm on the APSC sensor. Plus, I’m a bokeh lover so the 1.2 aperture melts away the background.

I still kept the 60mm because of its macro abilities. If I want a tight face shot, I would reach for my 60mm. But I wouldn’t use it much except for beauty photography. However, I would probably sell the 60mm when 90mm comes out. I’ll just use that plus the macro tubes for my tight face shots.

Here are some of my 56mm images:

DSCF5121 DSCF5349 DSCF5009-Edit DSCF5145-Edit

Fuji Should Release a Digital X-Pan

I think they should. I would be one of the first to snatch that thing up. They don’t even need to use 2 full-frame sensors. They can even use two 1-inch sensors to do this. That can save costs and will be about the same area as an APSC sized sensor. But if they use 2 APSC sized sensors, that would be amazing.

They can even make it fixed lens, about 40mm f/2 (if they use 2 1-inch sensors) or 80mm f/4 (if they use 2 APSC sensors). Make the form factor and features similar as the Fuji X100T. Sure, this would be a niche product, but I would be very excited if they released this.

Quick Thoughts on the Sigma Dp2 Quattro

I was able to get a test  Quattro camera from Sigma. I didn’t have time to use it thoroughly because they only gave 3-4 days to use it. I was going to take it to one of my shoots, but I decided not to. Why? Because it’s super slow. 

I was very curious about the Sigma Quattro and its Foveon sensor. When I got the camera and picked it up, it felt weird in my hand. I wondered why they chose an awkward design.

I snapped a few shots and saw it was about the same speed as my Fuji X-E1. And that was fine. But I noticed it was on the JPEG setting. So I switched it to RAW because I only shoot RAW. What happened? It took about 1 second for the camera to write the image to the card. I couldn’t shoot again until it has finished writing. I was using a Extreme PRO UHS-I 95mbp/s card too, which they provided. 

That is unacceptable for me. For my style of shooting, I need something more responsive. When the model is flowing, I need to be able to capture them at the right moment. With a camera this slow, there was no way I could do it. I thought about bringing this camera to my next shoot, but I felt I couldn’t risk it. 

Also, the low light performance sucked. It’s definitely not like my Fuji cameras (or any other modern cameras for that matter). The image looked like a noisy mess around ISO 1600. I don’t like to go that high in my shoots, but what if I had to? Heck, I probably can’t go over 400 with the Quattro. 

I’m sad to say, I didn’t get to use my Quattro enough to get an objective opinion about the image quality and such. With only 3-4 days to use it, I felt I couldn’t take it to shoots I wanted it to. Oh well. 

I think with the Quattros (or the Merrills), you have to treat it as a film camera with ISO 400 or below film. Perhaps some people will like that. You have to shoot deliberately, one shot at a time. Heck, with its write time, it’s like winding the film every time you shoot since you have to wait. You can’t shoot too many moving objects either. 

I’m disappointed with Sigma. I was excited about their innovative sensor. But their handling and speed need to be on par with the rest of the newer cameras. This camera was release in 2014! There is no excuse for it to feel like a 5 year old camera. 


Look at My Pictures Done With Fuji Cameras!

Since a few people have complained about not enough pictures and too much text, I’ll advertise some of my social media sites. I shoot models/fashion portraiture. If you like that sort of stuff, and who doesn’t like photos of beautiful women (and some men)? Check them out. 

And yes, all of my photos were shot with Fuji cameras: X-E1, X-T1, and the Instax. 

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