XPro 2 Musings

A few weeks ago, Fujirumors posted a few rumors about the XPro 2. The most exciting one that I heard is the APS-X sensor. Of course, we have no clue what this sensor is. In the comments, there were some speculation what it could be.

I don’t care if it’s a bigger sensor. Who cares if it’s a tiny bit bigger than APSC? It won’t make a difference. But I was excited about the possibility of it being a multi-aspect ratio sensor–as long as they introduce the 3:4 aspect ratio. I mean why not? They should, shouldn’t they?

I shoot mostly fashion. And 3:4 is the accepted aspect ratio for magazines. Well, it’s actually 4:5, but 3:4 comes pretty close. That way, I can crop in camera without having to shoot loose. Shooting loose messes up my composition.

Also having to shoot 16:9 without cropping is awesome too. That would bring some cinematic compositions for certain shots.

So Fuji, if you’re listening, make that X-Pro 2 a multi-aspect sensor. I’ll promise I’ll buy it if you do.

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