Fuji X-T1 vs Fuji X-E1

I have wrote many times on this blog how I’m not going to upgrade to a new camera. I am anti G.A.S. But I recently ran into a deal where a X-T1 was $400 off. I could not pass that up so I decided to get it.

When you shoot a lot, you know when you need to upgrade. I was getting to that point with my X-E1. I was shooting about 5000 photos a month. The X-E1 felt sluggish. I knew I had to upgrade, but the prices felt too high for me.

I remember upgrading from a X100 to a X100s. That was a mistake.  The X100s did not seem like a big upgrade to the X100. I felt like I wasted my money.

How is the X-T1 compared to a X-E1? It’s a huge difference. It seems like a worthy upgrade to me. I could not believe how fast it was. Everything felt lighting quick.

When I first turned on my X-T1, my mouth dropped when I experienced how fast the AF was. I realized I didn’t even have High Performance mode on. I also didn’t get the latest lens firmware to take advantage of the Phase Detection pixels. Once I did those, the AF became even faster.

So if you have an older Fuji model, like the X-E1 or X-Pro 1, and are wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the X-T1, it is. It is absolutely worth it.

However, there are some cons about upgrading to the X-T1:

  • The AF is too fast. When I’m shooting models, sometimes I worry if I’ll get the shot at the right moment. Now, I don’t even have to worry. Shooting seems more mechanical for me instead of a challenge. Now I have no excuse of missing a shot.
  • The RAW files are bigger. I notice I run out of space fast on my SD cards.
  • The batteries drain fast. I never had to replace a battery during my shoots, but with the X-T1, I had to. I now have to carry batteries and charge them often.
  • It’s a bit heavier. Oh well, I guess I’ll just get bigger muscles.
  • I thought I would like the ISO dial, but I don’t. It’s not really needed. Using the fn button to change felt faster in my opinion. But it is a nice to have though.

That’s about all the negatives I can think of with the X-T1. But in the end, it’s a great camera. I love it.

Here are some photos I took with my X-T1:




18 thoughts on “Fuji X-T1 vs Fuji X-E1”

    1. Who cares about grammar, it’s a photography blog. And the pictures are phenomenal, not “good”. I rather see 4 amazing shots than 40 uninteresting pictures.

      If you really analyze the pictures they are flawless. Really amazing. The first is not luck.

      20 year pro here.
      Worked with 4×5, mamiya c220, 6/4.5, hassi’s, both pro canon and pro nikon film gear, fuji s1,s2, all canon pro digital cameras since they made the 10d,20d, 40d, 5d, 5dii, 5d3, all canon primes and lots of l series zooms. Now working with the fuji’s. What have you been up to Mr. I have proper grammer. Grammer is a limitation, a non growing or moving thing. It implies properness in an improper world. I bet the inquisitors based some of their delusional visions of grandeur on the fact that they understood proper grammer.

      Grammer how boring……..zzzzz


  1. Thanks for your comparision of the two cameras. I expect a lot of people with the X-Pro and X-E1 must be toying with upgrading and would find your comments helpful.

    Personally, I am especially disappointed that after all this time the auto exposure bracketing remains so limited for all X cameras, leaving handheld HDR impossible and bracketing with a tripod unnecessarily fiddly.

    I was wondering if you noticed any improvement in the photos, or would you say its limited to issues such as focusing speed, the better view finder, drop down screen, etc?


  2. Hi,
    I have the xe2 and am seriously thinking of changing it for an xe1 or an xpro1 because I find their raw files much better giving better detail and colour, I seriously dislike the look of xtrans II files. Have you any thoughts on this? Thanks, Paul


    1. What RAW processor do you use? Have you tried Capture One, Iridient or PhotoNinja? They definitely bring out more detail compared to LightRoom. I haven’t done any formal testing though to see if X-E1’s looks look better than X-T1’s. Also, I haven’t shot enough of X-T1 to get a good conclusion. Right now, they look the same to me.


      1. I have tried Iridient and it is better but it still doesn’t achieve what I’m able to get with LR and the xpro1. It is also a much more work intensive. I find the xtrans II sensor is much more aggressive and contrasty in a bad way. It is especially noticeable in skin tones.


      2. That’s interesting, I would have to look out for that. Have you tried Capture One? I found their skin tones more pleasing. I almost ditched Lightroom to Capture One until Lightroom release the Fujifilm film simulations.


  3. Thanks for the review and comparison. I only wish all these feature advances would be put into another E type body. If I wanted another DSLR type body, even a mini one, I’d go get a small DSLR.

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    1. A funny story is when I first picked up the X-T1, I put my eye to the left side of the camera because I was so used to the X-E1. I’m like, “oh yeah, the viewfinder is in the middle.” Perhaps you can wait for the X-Pro2. I was going to until this deal came along.


    2. I agree Steve. I much prefer the clean lines of the X-E1&2 than the mock SLR-mirror body of the XT1. I wonder if it’s just marketing or necessary to fit the new EVF?

      I’d like an X-E3 with flip screen with touch focusing as in the Lumix GX7, and the EVF of the XT1, plus a sensible exposure bracketing range and greater customisation of the C1and C2 settings.

      Am I asking too much? It’s all out there.


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