My Tumblr, Facebook Page, and WordPress

I have a tumblr. I have a facebook page. And now, I have my wordpress. Why do I have three different sites?

My Tumblr

I used to do everything on my tumblr. I used to share my new photos, write my thoughts on photography related stuff, and so on. But I don’t feel tumblr gives me the engine I need to do a “real” blog. Tumblr feels more like a micro-blogging site. And it is. It doesn’t feel like a serious blogging  site.

Sure, many people use tumblr to write blogs. But the true use of tumblr is posting quick thoughts or images and having people share them. I don’t know if I can gain a good readership there. Most people who use tumblr don’t seem to have patience to read a long essay.

So I’ll use my tumblr to post my recent photos.

My Facebook Page

I have a facebook page too. I post my photos there as well. Why do I need two places to post photos? Because I can.

Seriously, I thought about why I need both. But I have established fans on my facebook page. They are not going to create a tumblr account for me. Besides, I get better interaction at facebok. So I post photos to both my tumblr and facebook. No big deal.

My Photography Website

I still haven’t created my website that showcases my portfolio. That will come later once I become better at taking pictures. I don’t think I can choose 10 good photos to show off right now.


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