Fuji X100s vs Fuji X-E1

I got the Fuji X-E1 with the 35mm f/1.4 lens. Yes, I broke down and got a new camera and lens. I couldn’t handle using my X100s anymore for portraiture. I needed something longer (that’s what she said). 

At first, I was skeptical if 23mm vs 35mm would be big difference. Well, it’s not, but it’s enough of a difference in perspective and most importantly, speed for me. That extra stop of light made a whole world of difference in doing night time shots. 

Anyway, I want to compare the Fuji X100s and the X-E1. Using the X-E1, it made me appreciate the X100s a lot more. I believe the X100s is almost the perfect camera for all around use. Sure the AF could be faster, and the price is on the expensive side, but everything else about the X100s is perfect. 

That said, the X-E1 is growing on me big time. When I put it through the paces last night at a shoot, I was loving it more and more. 

At first, I was turned off by the loud shutter sound from the X-E1. I’m so used to the silent shutter of the X100s, I was shocked by the loud shutter sound by the X-E1. But as I shot the X-E1 more, I got used to the sound and didn’t bother me much.

I hate the pop-up flash on the X-E1. It’s not “intelligent” as the X100s’ flash. When I played with the flash, it seemed to blow out the subject on occasion. Others have reported decent results with it, so I’ll play with it more. 

I’m worried about the low sync speed of the X-E1. Since I rarely use strobes it shouldn’t cause problems for me. They should up it to 250 like the other cameras though. Then again, I haven’t used it during daytime, and I use fill flash on occasion; so I don’t know how this is going to work. I’ll probably have to rely on my reflector more. 

The body of the X100s and the X-E1 is the same size. Of course, the lens on the X-E1 is much bigger. So I can’t go super-minmalist and carry it in my pocket like I can with the X100s. That is one major advantage of the X100s—the size. 

The sensor is the same so it gives great images out of both cameras. Also, both of their low-light capabilities are awesome. The photo below was shot on ISO 3200. 


The AF is a tad slower than the X100s. The X100s’ AF speed is over-hyped anyway. I’m sure the AF on Fuji’s new lenses for the X-E1 will be on par with X100s since I’m using the ancient 35mm lens. I even did a semi-scientific comparison at my house where I focused on different objects with both cameras. The speed was about the same. 

The focus peaking doesn’t seem to be as good as X100s. I haven’t had a chance to use MF that much though. Speaking of which, the MF of the 35mm is okay. It’s not as bad as the original X100’s, but it’s not as good as X100s’ MF.

I couldn’t tell the difference with the EVF. The lag never bothered me. I don’t usually have my eye stuck to the viewfinder all the time. I look at a scene, bring my camera up, and snap. I don’t move around with the camera glued to my eye. Also, I found myself using the LCD monitor more and more than using the viewfinder. It helps with my composition better since I don’t have to bend down or get into other uncomfortable positions. 

The X-E1 is growing on me, and I still love my X100s. The X100s is my first baby. I’m going to use the X-E1 on portraiture and the X100s for more of a do-it-all camera.