Why I Love to Shoot Models

Let’s get this out of the way: besides hanging around hot chicks, why do I love shooting models? Well, i read this on /r/photography the other day. And lilgreenrosetta (check out his tumblr. He’s a talented fashion photographer) wrote this:

I would say that fashion photography is the most creative genre of photography, save for some forms autonomous art photography. Because apart from the location that’s used as a backdrop, fashion photography doesn’t start with any existing reality. Just like making a movie, everything in fashion photography has to becreated. The ideas and concepts, the fashion designs, the art direction, the model’s performance, the hair & make-up, the choice of light and photographic technique; everything is a creative decision. And as the photographer you are at the head of all of these decisions, which is creatively very rewarding and also the reason that good fashion photographers get paid so much.

I agree with him. He is specifying fashion photography though. And that’s the type of photography I’m leaning towards. 

When I was starting out, the scariest thing I did was studio shoots. Everything was a blank canvas. You have to set the light the way you want it. You have to find the right backdrop. You have to get the “look” for the models.  You need to get the right pose. You need your technical stuff figured out. And so on. Like what the quote above said, everything was a creative decision. 

Even when you’re not in a studio, you still have to scout the location and figure out a “storyline” for your shoots. 

I used to draw a lot when I was young. I think this style of photography helps me to draw out my creative energy again. 


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