Shooting Raw

I shot raw for the first time at the Bridal Shoot (seen a few posts below). I’m a JPEG shooter, but I decided to do RAW and see how that was like. 

Well, I wasn’t happy that the Fuji Colors weren’t present in the RAW files. I use the Astia Film setting. It gives me a great look in people. I haven’t figured out how to get that look in RAW processing. 

Also, my camera turned really slow when I shot RAW+Jpeg. I mean really slow. Now I know what people meant when they complained about the Fuji X100 being sluggish. They were probably shooting RAW. I never noticed the slowness when shooting straight JPEG due to its smaller size. It can write to the SD card faster. 

In the end, however, RAW was pretty amazing. One thing I noticed was that I was able to fix my exposures no problem. I get nervous when I get bad exposures in my JPEGS because I have no idea how far I can push my JPEGs. But my RAWs were fine for 3-4 stops of exposure. I felt like I didn’t even have to worry about my exposure when I shot in RAW. I just had to expose for the highlights and made sure I didn’t blow out anything.

So would I continue shooting RAW? I’m not sure. It does give me a lot of flexibility when I’m post processing photos. I think I might do it in challenging lighting conditions like dark places.  Otherwise, I’ll just shoot in JPEG. I just love the speed JPEG provides me.  

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