Photography Errors 2

I make this error a lot. Usually it’s because I’m shooting fast, reactive, and not paying attention. But even when I’m deliberate, I just become human and miss it. 

This is my #2 pet peeve in photographs: stuff growing out of people’s heads. 

Make sure you frame the head correctly so nothing is growing out of their heads. If you can’t find a clear space, make sure it’s busy enough.

Here are some examples where I make this mistake:


Woah, Brooke has 3 branches growing out the top of her head!


OMG, Elizabeth grew a mean goatee!


This is even more impressive. Mia has a whole fountain growing out of her head! That’s awesome! 


Hannah has a whole tree growing out of her head. Not only that, she’s not even in focus! WTF?

How Do You Fix This?

  • You move around until you find a good, empty space for the head to be in. 
  • If there is absolutely no clear space, make sure it’s busy. 
  • You crop the top of the head so the offending growth doesn’t show.
  • You photoshop it, like so:


Now Elizabeth looks clean shaven. Can you tell by the pixels?

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