What Is My Gear?

I use a Fuji X100. It has a fixed 23mm (35 mm equivalent) lens. It is fixed. I cannot change the lens on it. It has no zoom. I am stuck with this 23mm focal length.

I shoot everything with it. Yes, that includs portraits, studio stuff, and so on.  I do feel inadequate when I go to a studio shoot, and people have their Canon Mark III’s with multiple L-lenses. Speaking of which, if I was rich, that would be my dream setup. I wished I had the 85mm/1.2 lens to shoot portraits with. Oh well. I guess I’m stuck with this little thing.

I also shoot JPEG only. Yeah, I know. I should be shooting RAW. But Fuji’s JPEGs look so good I want to lick it. Besides, it saves space in my memory card and computer. So I shoot JPEG only.

I should conclude this post with a picture of my Fuji X100. Well, since I don’t have a cool looking product shot of my camera, I’m just gonna post a picture of my bird.


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